Textile Material & Color Lab aims to provide the foundation for the advancement of textile science and technology through the establishment of textile development and evaluation methodologies.

Our research interests include textile color, functional textiles, smart clothing, and sensory clothing. The approaches are multidisciplinary, involving expertise and knowledge in textiles, color science, optics, material science, physics, and chemistry.

Research Interest

  • Textile Color Science

    Physical color attributes, Color appearance phenomena, Color quality control, Color prediction, etc.

  • Functional Textile

    Water-repellent textile, Antistatic textile, Heat-resistant textile, etc.

  • Smart Clothing

    Electronic textiles, Photonic textiles, Wearable sensors, Care and maintenance of smart clothing, etc.

  • Sensory Clothing

    Aesthetic finish, Visual and tactile properties, Thermal comfort, Fabric sound, etc.

Research Project

  • 2020.03 – 2023.02

    조명이 다양한 표면 특성을 갖는 텍스타일의 색채에 미치는 영향, 한국연구재단 (No. 2020R1G1A1004175)
    The Effect of Illuminants on the Color of Textiles with Various Surface Characteristics, National Research Foundation of Korea (No. 2020R1G1A1004175)

  • 2019.03 – 2019.07

    HDR 색채시감 메트롤로지 개발, 한국표준과학연구원

  • 2016.05 – 2017.05

    Development of Geometrical and Colorimetrical Modelings of Single- and Multi-layered Interlacing Patterns for Colorful and Graphic Woven Fabric Design and Production, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (G-UA9Q)

  • 2012.08 – 2015.08

    Color and color appearance prediction for jacquard woven fabrics, The Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong (PF11-02626)

  • 2010.03 – 2011.12

    Naturally Colored Cotton의 색, 역학적 특성 및 감성 평가를 통한 감성 전문가 시스템, 한국연구재단